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Welcone to Pixel Library! Go make a page and start writing! But first read the rules below.


  • Keep it appropriate! Minor language (Hell, crap, ect.) is fine up until its just nonsense. If this rule is broken it will be edited but if you do it twice you will be blocked.
  • Don't edit other peoples stories without their permission! Especially to fix grammar. That is something people need to learn theirself.
  • Always add a category to your book that is the name of the series. (Example: Trouble in Minecraft will have the category Vitrual Adventures.
  • Don't be rude to other people. Don't call people names, insult them or anything like that. Especially don't use gay as an insult. It is not an insult and if someone is gay don't try to make them feel bad.

Now next there will be tips below to help you with your writing:


  • Notify Tawkin Tawkerr when you complete a book if you wish. He will protect your book so nobody (except admins) can edit it.
  • When you make a good book Tawkin Tawkerr will review it for you if you wish. If your book is 'approved' it will be added to the Offical Books. If you just come to read, to start out you should go to Tawkin Tawkerr's profile to read some of his books!

Staff's Books

Here are links to all the staff's books.

Tawkin Tawkerr's books

GemStar107's books

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